Tournament News

Tournament News

Bassin' Buddies Orlando to Kick Off Season 7 on April 9th

by Brad Baranowski on 03/14/16

Bassin Buddies Orlando is kicking off season 7 on April 9th at Lake Maitland. We are looking for new members to join us on our trail. Vessel requirements are less than 16ft with a motor size no greater than 35hp. Please check out our website for more information:

Ray Nunn

Bass Assassins of Polk County Winter Haven Results 2/20/16

by Brad Baranowski on 02/22/16

Scott Jackson Reports:

We had 52 boats and 3 fish over 8 lbs with an 8.8, 8.4, 8.4.

1st: Alan and Kyle Prince 21.4 lbs

2nd: Tim and Justin Clark 20.2 lbs

3rd: Eric Conant and Mike Foster 19.8 lbs

4th: William and Bobby Murphy 19.4 lbs

and Big-Bass (8.8 lbs)

5th: Terry Watson and Donnie Murphy 19.0 lbs

6th: Jake and Cole Schmuker 18.4 lbs

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$50,000 For the Heaviest Bass! Sign-up Now!!

by Brad Baranowski on 02/14/16

North Tampa Bass Club looking for new members for 2016

by Brad Baranowski on 01/18/16

North Tampa Bass Club kicks off our 2016 season at Lake Walk in Water this Saturday January 23rd. Our first meeting will be tomorrow night Jan 19th at RJ's Wings and Things on Fowler Ave. in Temple Terrace at 7:30pm. We are a draw team club meaning the boater draws a non-boater each tournament and they fish as a team. They both get the same points based on finish but boaters and non-boaters have seperate standings for AOY. Come on out to RJ's tomorrow night and check us out! Membership fee for the year is $25. Tournaments are $35 an angler and $5 optional big-bass pot. For more info you can check out our website at

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