Tournament News

Tournament News

A Few Words from Vern Kemp About Vexan Fishing Rods

by Brad Baranowski on 11/10/15

Have you ever been fishing your favorite grass patch, your best dock, or maybe even your best brush pile and you just layed the perfect flip or skipped your bait to the under side of the dock or maybe hit that specific spot on a shell bar and about the time you get it together the fish you need to cap your bag bites. You've gone over this moment in your mind a hundred times and it plays out with an ending that breaks your spirit. Like the crack of a whip your line is tight but you just don't have enough rod to battle this old moss back bass. That has happened more than one time to me in my 28 years of tournaments. So we ask ourselves what is the solution to this problem that has happened at one time or another. Well I'm going to explain it to you all. For years we have waded through the sea of rods that are available to the public.  Whether you are a G-Loomis fan or a St.Croix fan or maybe a fan of Dobyns rods, whichever is the rod choice for you, stop. Before you purchase that $200 rod, stop. My bass fishing friends, we have a new kid on the block. Approximately 18 months ago two guys put a small company together that was based on providing a fantastic high-end fishing rod that the common fishermen could walk into a dealer and purchase  for a below average price and still be able to fuel their boat for a weekend of tournaments or just for some good old fun fishing. I know what you're saying; you're thinking I've heard this a hundred times in the past. Not this time. Let me introduce you to VEXAN FISHING. VEXAN FISHING has turned the corner in the rod building business. Their five star rods were designed for power not finesse. When you set the hook with these rods it's almost unfair to the fish! Predominantly, I'm a crankbait fisherman and was completely blown away by the sensitivity, the load, and unload while casting a 1/2 oz. crankbait. After the bite, all of that stored energy used to set the hook and then the fight make fishing with these rods a real pleasure!  These rods are NOT a universal blank dressed up! These rods are made specifically for VEXAN FISHING under strict specific guidelines. Dollar for dollar, there is not a rod on the market anywhere that compares to a VEXAN ROD! These rods are priced accordingly. Every rod 7'4" or shorter is priced at $120. Every rod over 7'4" is priced at $130. But don't just take my word for it. Check these rods out yourself at, read the comments, check out informational videos, and if you like what you see, check us out on Facebook @ team VEXAN RODS. Chat with a VEXAN FISHING pro-staff member. These rods are setting the new standard for rod builders to try and match. Don't take my word for it! Do yourself a favor get your hands on a VEXAN rod and decide for yourself. You can presently see these rods at Brookers Bait and Tackle in Leesburg, Fl and Astor Bait and Tackle in Astor, Fl. Get the upper hand! Flex a VEXAN you will not be disappointed! ~Vern Kemp




Frostproof Church of God Youth Dept. Tournament at Lake Reedy Results

by Brad Baranowski on 10/27/15

Scott Jackson Reports:

1st: Cody/Cole Wilson 14.8 with Big Bass at 7.4

2nd: Bill Bledsoe/ Al Taylor 12.2

3rd: David Keen/ Bryan Barker 10.2

4th: Trenton/Gary Gilileo 10

5th: Terry/Corky Jones 9.6

We had 22 boats, most weights were in the 7-9 lbs area. 

There will be another open tournament on Lake Reedy on Feb 6th out of the public ramp.

Panasoffkee Big-Bass Tourny to Benefit Sizemore Family This Weekend

by Brad Baranowski on 09/30/15

There will be a Big-Bass Tourney this Saturday October 3rd on Lake Panasoffkee out of Werda Heckamiat Fish Camp to benefit the family of Dakota Sizemore who was severly injured in a car accident a few weeks ago. Here are the details:




1ST PLACE $500

2ND PLACE $150

3RD PLACE $100


There will be raffles, fun, food at the weigh-in!

Check-in and weigh-in will be at Werda Heckmiat Fish Camp

Call or text Allen for more info: 352-446-1590



2nd Annual The Grand Cru That Wales Built Bass Tournament

by Brad Baranowski on 09/21/15

Pre-register and save $20!

Go to their website here

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