Tournament News

Tournament News

Lake Tarpon Tuesday Night Results 6/24/14

by Brad Baranowski on 06/28/14

Tuesday Night Tournaments on Lake Tarpon are still in full effect drawing 12-15 boats a week. This past Tuesday saw the team of Sean Wiggens and Brian Divito take first place with 14.89 pounds. Second place and big-bass was the team of Jim Broderick and Rob Sebastian weighing in with 11.35 pounds and a 4.35 pound kicker. Click here for more info on Lake Tarpon Tuesday Night Tournaments. 

Great Deals on Autocraft and Optima Marine Batteries!!

by Brad Baranowski on 06/20/14

This is a repeat of a post from January. I have updated the promo codes.

I just purchased a new group 27DC Duel Purpose marine battery through Advance Auto and got 35% off just by ordering online and picking up at the store! As long as you have an Advance Auto near you and you can pick the battery up, this is a great deal and is ready to be picked up an hour after ordering! Start by clicking the link below, then do a search for marine batteries. You can be specific if you want a group 24, 27, 29, 31, or 34 and they also carry Optima Gel Batteries too! Click on the battery you are interested in then click "check store availability". Different stores have different battery sizes in stock so you are bound by what your nearest stores have but most seem to have a good stock. The 24 and 27 group batteries seem to always be in stock. The batteries are Autocraft and I have had really good success with these in both my boats and SUV.  After you choose your battery(s), go to check out and use one of these promo codes: "AAP15OFF" will get you 15% off through Monday, June 30th. You can also use A124 $10 off $30, $25 off $70, and $40 off $110. "G41" will get you 15% off of $50 and a bonus code of $25 off a future order."WD25" will get you $50 off of $125 through June 21st. If you order one online, they will charge you a core fee of $18 but just bring your old battery in the store with you and they put the $18 back on your credit card. Here is the link:

Buy Online & Pick-up In Store!

If you are battery illiterate, the "group" is a basic size measurement with 24 being smaller in actual size than 34. The most important measurements are the CA's and CCA's or Cold Cranking Amps. The 27 group battery I purchased has a CCA rating of 600amps and a CA rating of 750amps. The group 31 has 675 CCA and 840CA. The size of your battery and amp rating should be dependent on your engine size and how many accesseries you are powering and for how long without charging. 

Any problems or questions just drop me an email at

North Tampa Bass Club Results-Harris Chain

by Brad Baranowski on 06/02/14

North Tampa Bass Club fished their 5th tournament of the year this past Saturday May 31st at the Harris Chain of Lakes out of Hickory Point. Steve Jarrett and Chad Trempert took first place with a 11.80 pound limit and also took big-bass with a 4.54 largemouth caught at 2:30 in a rain storm. Second place was Tom and Sylvia Moore with 11.28 pounds. Third was Keith Kozelsky and Bryce Clements with 9.34 pounds. A total of 10 boats caught 8 limits and a total of 47 bass. Water temps were 81-84 degrees and the wind wasn't bad at 5-10 mph with inclement weather only rolling in the last hour or two of the tournament. Click here for more information on North Tampa Bass Club.

Harris Chain Wednesday Night Tournaments

by Brad Baranowski on 05/19/14

Southern Tackleworks puts on a Wednesday night tournament on the Harris Chain every Wednesday night at Buzzard Beach. Cost is $30 per boat with a 100% payback. Payback is 1 place for every 5 boats entered. Launch is at at 5:30PM with weigh-in at 9:00PM.

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