Sep 3rd-Harris Chain-Xtreme Series-Buzzard Beach
Sep 3rd-Kings Bay/Crystal River-Xtreme Series-Ft. Island Trail Park
Sep 3rd-Kissimmee Chain-Camp Mack Open-Camp Mack
Sep 3rd-St John's River-North Florida Bassmasters-Whitey's Fish Camp
Sep 3rd-St John's River-Jacksonville Bass Club-Crescent
Sep 4th-Orange Lake-Xtreme Series-Heagy Burry
Sep 10th-Crooked Lake-Fishing Misfits-Bob's Landing
Sep 10th-Eagle Lake-Good Ole Boys Bass Club-Public Ramp
Sep 10th-Harris Chain-Lake County Bass Trackers-Buzzard Beach
Sep 10th-Harris Chain-Big Bass Tournament-Hickory Point
Sep 10th-Johns Lake-Bay Area Bassmasters-FWC Public Ramp
Sep 10th-Johns Lake-West Coast Couples-Public Ramp (day 1)
Sep 10th-Kissimmee Chain-Central Florida Bass Anglers-Overstreet
Sep 10th-Kissimmee Chain-Fed Nation (FBFN)-Camp Mack
Sep 10th-Lake Clinch-Macdill Bassbusters-Public Ramp
Sep 10th-Lake Fairview-Florida Trails Bassmasters-City park
Sep 10th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Rattlers-Clewiston
Sep 10th-Lake Panasoffkee-Marion County Bassmasters-Tracy's Point
Sep 10th-Lake Rousseau-Xtreme Series-Dunnellon City Ramp
Sep 10th-Lake Seminole-Fed Nation (FBFN) NorthWest-Seminole Lodge
Sep 10th-Lake Talquin-Poor Boys Bass Club-William's Landing
Sep 10th-Lake Talquin-Talquin Hookers-Ingrams Marina
Sep 10th-Lake Toho-Performance Bass Anglers-Southport Ramp
Sep 10th-Orange Lake-Bass Capital Bassmasters-Heagy Burry
Sep 10th-St Johns River-Xtreme Series-Palatka
Sep 10th-Suwanee River-Suwanee River Bassmasters-Clay Landing
Sep 11th-John's Lake-Xtreme Series-Public Ramp HWY 50
Sep 11th-Johns Lake-West Coast Couples-Public Ramp (day 2)
Sep 11th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme Series-Camp Mack
Sep 11th-Kissimmee Chain-West Orange Bass Anglers-Lake Cyrpess Fish Camp
Sep 11th-Kissimmee Chain-Lunker Lovers-Camp Lester
Sep 11th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Anglers Society of Sarasota-ramp na
Sep 11th-Lake Okeechobee-Fort Meyers Bass Club-Harney Pond
Sep 11th-Lake Okeechobee-Royal Palm Bassmasters-Okeetantie
Sep 11th-Lake Osborne-Weekend Bassers-ramp na
Sep 11th-Lake Toho-Toho Team Trail Classic-Lakefront Park
Sep 11th-Orange Lake-Bass Capital Bassmasters-Heagy Burry
Sep 11th-Rodman Res.-Xtreme Series-Kenwood Landing

Sep 17th-Black Creek-FBC Bass Club-ramp na
Sep 17th-Crooked Lake-Lake Mary Bassmasters-Public Ramp
Sep 17th-Everglades-Everglades Bassmasters-Belle Glade
Sep 17th-John's Lake-Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters-Public Ramp FWC
Sep 17th-Lake Henderson-South Pasco Bassmasters-Lake View Dr.
Sep 17th-Lake Jackson-Xtreme Series-Sunset Landing
Sep 17th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Silver Div.-Clewiston
Sep 17th-Lake Osborne-Xtreme Series-John Prince Park
Sep 17th-Lake Rousseau-North Florida Christian Bass Club-ramp na
Sep 17th-Lake Tarpon-Xtreme Series-Anderson Park
Sep 17th-Orange Lake-Crossroads Bass Club-Heagy Burry
Sep 17th-Rodman Res.-Florida Bass Network-Kenwood Landing
Sep 17th-St John's River-Messer's Bait & Tackle-Palatka City Docks
Sep 17th-Suwannee River-Xtreme Series-Hinton Landing
Sep 18th-Kissimmee Chain-Lunker Lover Couples-Camp Lester
Sep 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Bassmaster Weekend Series-C. Scott Driver Park
Sep 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Gold Div.-Clewiston
Sep 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Lakeland Bassmasters-Harney Pond
Sep 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Big Reel Bassmasters of Margate-Moore Haven
Sep 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Bassmaster Weekend Series-C. Scott Driver Park
Sep 24th-Alligator Chain-Palm Bay Bassmasters-Ramp na
Sep 24th-Butler Chain-Orange Coutny Bass-RD Keene Park
Sep 24th-Harris Chain-Castaways-Hickory Point
Sep 24th-Harris Chain-Tuscawilla Bassmasters-Buzzard Beach
Sep 24th-Kissimmee Chain-Outcasts-County ramp hwy 60?
Sep 24th-Kissimmee Chain-Reel em in for Rotary-Camp Mack
Sep 24th-Lake Istogpoga-Crackerboys-98 Ramp
Sep 24th-Lake Okeechobee-East Coast Bass Anglers-Scott Driver Park
Sep 24th-Lake Talquin-Tallahassee Bass Anglers-Hall's Landing
Sep 24th-Lake Toho-Xtreme Series-Lakefront Park
Sep 24th-Orange Lake-Bradford Bassmasters-ramp na
Sep 24th-St John's River-Veteran's Apreciation Tourn.-City Dock?
Sep 25th-Kissimmee Chain-Accent Marine-Camp Mack
Sep 25th-Lake Okeechobee-Freedom Outreach Fishing Series-Okee-tantie Park
Sep 25th-Lake Talquin-Tallahassee Bass Anglers-Hall's Landing
Sep 25th-Rodman Res.-St Johns Bass Anglers-Ramp na
Sep 25th-Winter Haven Chain-Xtreme Series-Old Lake Shipp
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