2009 October Bass Tournaments

Oct 3rd-Kissimmee Chain-Walmart Gator Div-Camp Mack (day 1)
Oct 3rd-Lake Ariana-Cent Fl. Bassbusters
Oct 4th-Kissimmee Chain-Walmart Gator Div-Camp Mack (day 2)
Oct 4th-Orange Lake-Dave and Foy-Heady Burry Park
Oct 4th-West Toho (only)-Tampa Pro Bass-Southport
Oct 10th-Clermont Chain-Central Fl Bass Anglers-Downtown ramp
Oct 10th-Eagle Lake-Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters-county ramp
Oct 10th-Kissimmee Chain-Lakeland Bassmasters-Camp Mack (day 1)
Oct 10th-Lake Istogpoga-Winterhaven Lunk. Lovers-ramp na (day 1)
Oct 10th-Lake George-Lakeland Hawg Hunters-Blairs Den?
Oct 10th-Lake June-Everglades Bassmasters-TBA (day 1)
Oct 10th-Lake Marion-Fishing Misfits-Ramp NA
Oct 10th-St. Johns River-Seminole Bass Anglers-Lake Monroe Park
Oct 10th-West Toho-Fl. Trails Bassmasters-Southport
Oct 10th-West Toho-Orlando Bassmasters-Richardsons
Oct 10th-Winterhaven Chain-Bay Area Bassmasters-William G Roe Park
Oct 11th-Kissimmee Chain-Lakeland Bassmasters-Camp Mack (day 2)
Oct 11th-Lake Istogpoga-Winterhaven Lunk. Lovers-ramp na
Oct 11th-Lake June-Everglades Bassmasters-TBA (day 2)
Oct 11th-Lake Seminole-C&R Bass Series-Wingates Lodge
Oct 11th-Welatka-WInter Springs Bassmasters-ramp na
Oct 17th-Butler Chain-Volusia Seminole Bassmasters-RD Keen Ramp
Oct 17th-Kissimmee Chain-Bassin Fools-Camp Mack
Oct 17th-Kissimmee Chain-South Pasco Bass Masters-Camp Mack
Oct 17th-Lake Kerr-North Florida Christian Bass Club-Ramp NA
Oct 17th-Lake Okeechobee-Bassbusters Silver-Roland Martin
Oct 17th-Miami/Garcia?-Palm Bay Bassmasters-tba
Oct 18th-Kissimmee Chain-Bassin Fools-Camp Mack
Oct 18th-Lake Istogpoga-Ft. Meyers Bass Club-Windy Point
Oct 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Bassbusters Gold-Roland Martin
Oct 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Big "O" Bass Anglers-Lock 7
Oct 18th-Walk in Water-Lake Mary Bassmasters-county ramp
Oct 22nd-Lake Seminole-Walmart Everglade Div-Bainbridge (day 1)
Oct 23rd-Lake Seminole-Walmart Everglade Div-Bainbridge (day 2)
Oct 24th-Harris Chain-Performance Bass Anglers-tba
Oct 24th-Johns Lake-Courtesy Anglers-county ramp
Oct 24th-Kissimmee Chain-Cracker Boys-Camp Mack (day 1)
Oct 24th-Lake Marion-Castaways-Bannon's
Oct 24th-Lake Reedy-Polk County Bass-tba
Oct 24th-Lake Seminole-Walmart Everglade Div-Bainbridge (day 3)
Oct 24th-Lake Talquin-Bay County Bass Club-
Oct 24th-St Johns River-FBF Minnkota Trail-Riverfront (day 1)
Oct 24th-Winterhaven Chain-North Tampa Bass Club-Lake Shipp
Oct 25th-Kissimmee Chain-Cracker Boys-Camp Mack (Day 2)
Oct 25th-Lake Okeechobee-Fed Nation (last chance)-Roland Martin Marina
Oct 25th-Lake Okeechobee-Ghosts and Goblins-Clewiston
Oct 25th-St Johns River-FBF Minnkota Trail-Riverfront (day 2)
Oct 28th-Kissimmee Chain-Firefighters-Camp Mack
Oct 28th-Kissimmee Chain-Firefighters-Camp Mack
Oct 31st-Kissimmee Chain-Camp Mack Open-Camp Mack
Oct 31st-Lake Talquin-2009 Panhandle Tourn of Champions-Ingrams Marina