This page was last updated: August 10, 2018

May 5th-Sumter County Bass Masters Classic-TBD
May 5th-Choctawatchee River-Media Bass North Team-Black Creek
May 5th-Harris Chain-ABA AFT Div 20-Buzzard Beach
May 5th-Harris Chain-FOM Legacy Series-Buzzard Beach
May 5th-Kissimmee Chain-Florida Trail Bassmasters-Overstreet
May 5th-Lake Hernando-BASS Nation NE Pro/Am Q-Public Ramp
May 5th-Lake Okeechobee-Anglers Team Trail-Scott Driver
May 5th-Lake Okeechobee-Jimmy McMillan Memorial Tourn.-Torrey Island
May 5th-Lake Reedy-Mosaic Bass Club-County Ramp
May 5th-Lake Toho-ABA AFT Div 21-Southport
May 5th-Lake Toho-ABA Ram Open Series/Central Div.-Lakefront Park
May 5th-Rodman Res.-Baker County Bassmasters-Kenwood Landing
May 5th-Rodman Res.-Slow and Steady Bass Club-Kenwood Landing
May 5th-Winter Haven Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-New Shipp
May 6th-Sumter County Bass Masters Classic-TBD
May 6th-Butler Chain-Sunday Open Tournament-RD Keene
May 6th-Harris Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Buzzard Beach
May 6th-Lake Lochloosa-Xtreme Bass Series-Post Office Ramp
May 6th-Lake Okeechobee-Anglers Team Trail-Scott Driver
May 6th-Lake Panasoffkee-Xtreme Bass Series-Tracy's Point
May 6th-Lake Toho-Xtreme Bass Series-Southport
May 6th-Lake Weir-Xtreme Bass Series-Carney Island
May 6th-Suwannee River-Xtreme Bass Series-Fanning Springs
May 6th-West Toho (only)-Tampa Pro Bass-Southport
May 12th-Choctawatchee River-ABA Couples Series-Black Creek
May 12th-Conway Chain-Bassin Buddies-Public Ramp
May 12th-Kissimmee Chain-Osceola Anglers Open-Joe Overstreet
May 12th-Kissimmee Chain-Pond Jumpers-Grape Hammock
May 12th-Kissimmee Chain-TTBA Team Trail Series-Camp Mack
May 12th-Lake Arbuckle-Fishing Misfits-County Ramp
May 12th-Lake Garcia-Xtreme Bass Series-State Rd 512
May 12th-Lake Okeechobee-Bay Area Bassmasters-Okee-tantie
May 12th-Lake Okeechobee-MacDill Bass Busters-Clewiston
May 12th-Lake Pierce-West Coast Couples-Jennings Fish Camp
May 12th-Lake Rousseau-Xtreme Bass Series-Inglis Dam
May 12th-Lake Tarpon-12th Charity Bass Tournament-Anderson Park
May 12th-St Johns River-First Coast Christian Bass Club-Crystal Cove
May 13th-Lake Hamilton-Polk County Bucket Mouths-Public Ramp
May 13th-Lake Istokpoga-Xtreme Bass Series-Hwy 98 Ramp
May 13th-Lake Okeechobee-MacDill Bass Busters-Clewiston
May 19th-Choctawatchee River-Media Bass North Fl-Black Creek
May 19th-Kissimmee Chain-Bass Assassins of Polk Co.-Camp Mack
May 19th-Kissimmee Chain-Wounded Warrior Benefit-Grape Hammock
May 19th-Harris Chain-FOM Team Florida Central Div.-Hickory Point
May 19th-Harris Chain-North Tampa Bass Club-Hickory Point
May 19th-Johns Lake-Orange Lake Bass-Public Ramp
May 19th-Johns Lake-South Pasco Bassmasters-Public Ramp
May 19th-Lake Ariana-Mosaic Bass Club-County Ramp
May 19th-Lake Istokpoga-St Pete Pro Bass-Istokpoga Park
May 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Silver-Roland Martin
May 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Nick Kaylor Memorial Tournament-Okee-tantie
May 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Palm Bay Bassmasters-Harney Pond
May 19th-Lake Seminole-ABA AFT Div 114-Seminole Lodge
May 19th-Lake Seminole-Reel Money Team Trail-Big Jim's
May 19th-Lake Talquin-BASS Nation NW Pro/Am Q-Ingram's
May 19th-Lake Toho-Big Sun Bass Club-Richardson's Fish Camp
May 19th-St Johns River-29th Wolfson's Tournament-Palatka
May 20th-Crooked Lake-Highlands County Bass Club-South Ramp
May 20th-Harris Chain-Lakeland Bassmasters Draw-Hickory Point
May 20th-Kissimmee Chain-Wounded Warrior Benefit-Grape Hammock
May 20th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Camp Mack
May 20th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Gold-Roland Martin
May 20th-Lake Okeechobee-Palm Bay Bassmasters-Harney Pond
May 20th-Lake Seminole-ABA AFT Div 114-Seminole Lodge
May 20th-Lake Toho-ABA AFT Div 23-Lakefront Park
May 20th-Lake Toho-Big Sun Bass Club-Richardson's Fish Camp
May 20th-Rodman Res.-ABA AFT Div 19-Kenwood Landing
May 20th-Winter Haven Chain (Shipp)-Tampa Bay Bass Bandits-TBD
May 26th-Harris Chain-Outcast Bass Club-Eustis/Taveras Park
May 26th-Lake Henderson-Water Hawgs Bass Club-Public Ramp
May 26th-Lake Istokpoga-Crackerboys Bass Club-Hwy 98 Ramp
May 26th-Lake Istokpoga-TTBA Team Trail Series-Hwy 98 Ramp
May 26th-Lake Panasoffkee-Fish Tales Team Trail-Tracy's Point
May 26th-Rodman Res.-Xtreme Bass Series-Kenwood Landing
May 26th-Sampson & Rowell-Baker County Bassmasters-Railroad Trestle
May 26th-Winter Haven Chain-Tampa Bay Bassmasters-Lake Shipp Park
May 27th-Lake Henderson-Citrus County Bassmasters-Spivey Ramp