This page was last updated: January 24, 2015
Jan 1st-Lake Okeechobee-One Largemouth Bass Tournament-Clewiston
Jan 3rd-Lake Okeechobee-B.A.S.S. College Regional-Scott Driver-RESULTS
Jan 4th-Apalachicola River-NW Fl Winter Trail-White City
Jan 4th-Harris Chain-Big Dawg Baits Team Trail-Buzzard Beach
Jan 4th-Harris Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Buzzard Beach
Jan 4th-Kissimmee Chain-Camp Mack One-Man Open-Camp Mack
Jan 4th-Lake Istokpoga-ABA AFT Div #28-Hwy 98 Ramp
Jan 4th-Lake Monroe-Deltona Small Boat Club-Public Ramp Hwy 17
Jan 4th-Lake Okeechobee-B.A.S.S. College Regional-Scott Driver-RESULTS
Jan 4th-Lake Okeechobee-FLW Gator Div.-Clewiston
Jan 4th-Lake Parker-Thon. Toad Snatchers-Public Ramp
Jan 4th-Lake Talquin-Xtreme Bass Series-Whippoorwill/Ingram's
Jan 4th-Lake Toho-ABA AFT Div # 21-Southport
Jan 5th-Kissimmee Chain-Tampa Pro Bass-Camp Lester
Jan 5th-Lake Clay-Florida Cracker Bass Club-Ramp na
Jan 5th-Lake Okeechobee-KOTG-Clewiston
Jan 5th-Lake Seminole-ABA AFT Div #114-Seminole Lodge
Jan 5th-St John's River-Xtreme Bass Series-Astor/Midway Marine
Jan 9th-Lake Okeechobee-FLW Rayovac Series-Clewiston-RESULTS

Jan 10th-Lake Okeechobee-FLW Rayovac Series-Clewiston-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Bienville Plantation-Big Bass Blast Classic-Bienville Plantation
Jan 11th-Conway Chain-CFBA-Hoffner Church
Jan 11th-Deerpoint Lake-Southern Bass Anglers-Highpoint Landing
Jan 11th-Harris Chain-ABA AFT Div #20-Buzzard Beach
Jan 11th-Kissimmee Chain-Florida Trails Bassmasters-Overstreet
Jan 11th-Lake Griffin-Lake County Bass Trackers-Herlong Park-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Lake Istokpoga-Palm Bay Bassmasters-Ramp TBD
Jan 11th-Lake Istokpoga-Weekend Bassers-Boat Ramp Rd.
Jan 11th-Lake Kerr-Marion County Bassmasters-Moorehead Park
Jan 11th-Lake Okeechobee-B.I.T.T.-Harney Pond
Jan 11th-Lake Okeechobee-Everglades Bassmasters-Moore Hav.-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Lake Okeechobee-FLW Rayovac Series-Clewiston-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Lake Okeechobee-South Florida Bass Pro's?-Clewiston-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Lake Parker-Jr. Lakeland Bassmasters-Public Ramp
Jan 11th-Lake Seminole-Panama City Bassmasters-Seminole Lodge
Jan 11th-Lake Seminole-Seminole Stix-Wingate's Lodge-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Lake Tarpon-Tarpon Bait & Tackle-Anderson Park
Jan 11th-Lake Tarpon-West Coast Couples-Anderson Park
Jan 11th-Lake Toho-Toho Marine Elite One-Man-Red's Fish Camp
Jan 11th-St John's River-Jax Bass Club-Welaka
Jan 11th-St John's River-USA Bassin Fl-02-Crystal Cove Marina
Jan 11th-Winter Haven Chain-Bay Area Bassmasters-Lake Shipp-RESULTS
Jan 11th-Winter Haven Chain-Fishing Misfits-Lake Cannon Park
Jan 12th-Bienville Plantation-Big Bass Blast Classic-Bienville Plantation
Jan 12th-Butler Chain-West Orange Bass Anglers-RD Keene
Jan 12th-Conway Chain-ABA AFT Div #38-Hoffner
Jan 12th--Everglades-South Fl. Bass Rattlers-Holey Lands
Jan 12th-Kissimmee Chain-Winter Haven LL-Camp Lester
Jan 12th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Camp Mack-RESULTS
Jan 12th-Lake Istokpoga-Cape Coral Bass Club-Windy Point Park
Jan 12th-Lake Istokpoga-Weekend Bassers-Boat Ramp Rd.
Jan 12th-Lake Istokpoga-Xtreme Bass Series-Hwy 98 Ramp-RESULTS
Jan 12th-Lake Okeechobee-Royal Palm Bassmasters-Lock 7/Okee City
Jan 12th-Lake Okeechobee-Slim's Bassin Classic-Slim's Fish Camp
Jan 12th-Lake Rousseau-Bassmasters of Gator County-Dunnellon
Jan 12th-Lake Sampson-St John's Bass Anglers-Ramp na
Jan 12th-Lake Walk in Water-Venice Bass Club-Public Ramp
Jan 12th-Rodman Res.-ABA AFT Div #19-Kenwood Landing
Jan 18th-Conway Chain-Seminole Christian Anglers-Randolf St.
Jan 18th-Harris Chain-South Pasco Bassmasters-Buzzard Beach
Jan 18th-Kissimmee Chain-North Tampa Bass Club-Camp Mack
Jan 18th-Kissimmee Chain-Tallahassee Bass Anglers-Ramp na
Jan 18th-Kissimmee Chain-Tuscawilla Bassmasters-Cypress
Jan 18th-Lake Hernando-Crossroads Bass Club-City Ramp
Jan 18th-Lake Istokpoga-BHS Yellow Jackets-Istokpoga Park
Jan 18th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Silver Div.-Clewiston
Jan 18th-Lake Okeechobee-FLW Gator Div.-Scott Driver
Jan 18th-Lake Rousseau-Junior BM of Marion County-Peaceful Acres
Jan 18th-Lake Seminole-Anglers Warehouse/C & R-Wingate's Lodge
Jan 18th-Lake Seminole-Seminole Bassmasters-Seminole Lodge
Jan 18th-Lake Talquin-ABA AFT Div #76-Talquin Lodge
Jan 18th-Lake Talquin-Gulf Coast Bass Anglers-Hopkins Landing
Jan 18th-Lake Toho-Tuscawilla Bassmasters-Lakefront Park
Jan 18th-Lake Toho-WVBA-Lakefront Park
Jan 18th-Lake Walk in Water-PBA-Public Ramp
Jan 18th-St John's River-Team Fishing Series-Crystal Cove-RESULTS
Jan 19th-Butler Chain-Lake Mary Bassmasters-Ramp na
Jan 19th-Kissimmee Chain-Camp Lester Team Trail-Camp Lester-RULES
Jan 19th-Kissimmee Chain-Tallahassee Bass Anglers-Ramp na
Jan 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Gold Div.-Clewiston
Jan 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Big Reel Bassmasters-Belle Glade
Jan 19th-Lake Okeechobee-East Coast Bass Anglers-Scott Driver
Jan 19th-Lake Okeechobee-Lake Worth Boyton Beach BM-Harney Pond
Jan 19th-Lake Parker-Lakeland Big-Bass Series-Sertoma Park
Jan 19th-Lake Seminole-Hydrilla Gnats-Wingate's Lodge
Jan 19th-Lake Seminole-Miracle Strip Bass Club-Seminole Lodge
Jan 19th-Lake Toho-ABA AFT Div #23-Lakefront Park
Jan 19th-Lake Toho-Xtreme Bass Series-Red's-RESULTS
Jan 19th-Suwannee River-Xtreme Bass Series-Fanning Springs-RESULTS
Jan 19th-Winter Haven Chain-Lakeland Bassmasters-Lake Shipp-RESULTS
Jan 19th-Winter Haven Chain-Sunday Open Series-Lake Summitt
Jan 23rd-Kissimmee Chain-Bassmaster Southern Open #1-Lakefront Park
Jan 24th-Kissimmee Chain-Bassmaster Southern Open #1-Lakefront Park
Jan 25th-Apalichicola River-Hub City Bassmasters-Black Creek
Jan 25th-Deerpoint Lake-Deerpoint Lake Team Trail-Highpoint Landing
Jan 25th-East Toho-Crackerboys-East Lake Fish Camp
Jan 25th-Harris Chain-FOM FL Central-Team-Hickory Park
Jan 25th-Harris Chain-Three Bass Open Tournament-Buzzard Beach
Jan 25th-Kissimmee Chain-Bassmaster Southern Open #1-Lakefront Park
Jan 25th-Lake Hernando-Miller's Fish Tales Team Trail-East Lake Place
Jan 25th-Lake Istokpoga-Outcasts Bass Club-Hwy 98 Ramp
Jan 25th-Lake June in Winter-St Pete Pro Bass-County Ramp
Jan 25th-Lake Okeechobee-ABA Weekend Series Div #6-Scott Driver
Jan 25th-Lake Okeechobee-Indian River Bass Anglers-Harney Pond
Jan 25th-Lake Okeechobee-Slim's Maverick Tournament-Slim's Fish Camp
Jan 25th-Lake Seminole-Reel Money Team Trail-Big Jim's Landing-Flyer
Jan 25th-Lake Toho-Bass Attack Trail-Lake Toho Resort
Jan 25th-North Winter Haven Chain-Castaways-Lake Rochelle
Jan 25th-St John's River-Xtreme Bass Series-Palatka
Jan 26th-St Johns River-Harris Chain Bassmasters-Astor Ramp/40
Jan 26th-Kissimmee Chain-Camp Mack Two-Man-Open-Camp Mack
Jan 26th-La Belle River-Cape Coral Bass Club Open-River Ramp
Jan 26th-Lake June-Po Boys Bass Club-Public Ramp
Jan 26th-Lake Okeechobee-Gambler Baits No Entry-Scott Driver-SIGN-UP
Jan 26th-Lake Talquin-Florida Bass Anglers-Williams Marina
Jan 26th-Winter Haven Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Lake Shipp/Miller's
Jan 31st-Everglades-Channing Crowder's Bass Tournament-Holiday Park