Tournament News

Tournament News

Craig Scholl Benefit Tournament

by Brad Baranowski on 09/05/16

New Bass Regs start this Weekend

by Brad Baranowski on 07/02/16

Just a reminder that the new bass bag and length limits take effect this weekend starting July 1st. The new daily limits for largemouth bass are 'no angler may possess/take in more than 5 bass with only 1 bass being allowed over 16 inches'. There is no longer a minimum length for possession. All slot limits for largemouth bass have been eliminated. You can view the statewide regulations here:  FWC

Bassin' Buddies Orlando to Kick Off Season 7 on April 9th

by Brad Baranowski on 03/14/16

Bassin Buddies Orlando is kicking off season 7 on April 9th at Lake Maitland. We are looking for new members to join us on our trail. Vessel requirements are less than 16ft with a motor size no greater than 35hp. Please check out our website for more information:

Ray Nunn

Bass Assassins of Polk County Winter Haven Results 2/20/16

by Brad Baranowski on 02/22/16

Scott Jackson Reports:

We had 52 boats and 3 fish over 8 lbs with an 8.8, 8.4, 8.4.

1st: Alan and Kyle Prince 21.4 lbs

2nd: Tim and Justin Clark 20.2 lbs

3rd: Eric Conant and Mike Foster 19.8 lbs

4th: William and Bobby Murphy 19.4 lbs

and Big-Bass (8.8 lbs)

5th: Terry Watson and Donnie Murphy 19.0 lbs

6th: Jake and Cole Schmuker 18.4 lbs

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