Aug 1st-Lake Istogpoga-Xtreme Bass Series-Hwy 98 Ramp
Aug 1st-Lake Sante Fe-Have Fun Bass Trail-Hwy 26 State Park
Aug 1st-Orange Lake-Xtreme Bass Series-Heagy Burry
Aug 3rd-Lake Tarpon-Tues Night Tournament 6pm-Anderson Park
Aug 7th-Hammock Bay-Children in Crisis-Alaque creek ramp
Aug 7th-Harris Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Buzzard Beach
Aug 7th-Kissimmee Chain-Camp Mack Open-Camp Mack
Aug 7th-Lake Cypress-Fl. Trails Bassmasters-LK. Cypress Fish Camp
Aug 7th-Lake Panasofkee-Xtreme Bass Series-Tracys Point
Aug 7th-Lake Santa Fe-Bass Capital Bassmasters-Public Ramp
Aug 7th-Lake Seminole-C & S-Wingate's
Aug 7th-Lake Tarpon-Cutting Edge Trail-Anderson Park
Aug 7th-Miami/Garcia-Palm Bay Bass Masters-ramp na
Aug 7th-St John's River-ABA-Midway Marine/Astor
Aug 7th-St John's River-Jacksonville Bass Club-Palatka
Aug 8th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Camp Mack
Aug 8th-Kissimmee Chain-Winter Haven Lunker Lovers-Camp Lester
Aug 8th-Kissimmee Chain-Winter Springs Bassmasters-ramp na
Aug 8th-Lake Arbuckle-Bass Ang. Soc. of Sarasota-public ramp
Aug 8th-Lake Hatchineha-Lakeland Hawg Hunters-Port Harchineha
Aug 8th-Lake Rouseau-Bassmasters of Gator County-Kitty Lane
Aug 8th-Lake Toho-Xtreme One Man Last Chance Qualifier-City Ramp
Aug 8th-Lake Santa Fe-Bass Capital Bassmasters-Public Ramp
Aug 8th-Rodman Res.-Xtreme Bass Series-Kenwood Landing
Aug 8th-St Johns River-ABA-Midway Marine/Astor
Aug 8th-Suwannee River-Suwannee River Bassmasters-Clay Landing
Aug 10rd-Lake Tarpon-Tues Night Tournament 6pm-Anderson Park
Aug 14th-Apalachee (Lower)-Poor Guy's Bass Club-Blountstown
Aug 14th-Appalachicola River-2 Rivers Bass Trail-Stiff-in-Ugly Landing
Aug 14th-Belle Glade-Everglades Bassmasters-ramp na
Aug 14th-Caloosahatchie River-Fort Meyers Bass Club-La Belle
Aug 14th-John's Lake-Lake County Bass Trackers-Public Ramp
Aug 14th-Kissimmee Chain-Central Fl. Bass Anglers-Overstreet
Aug 14th-Kissimmee Chain-Bartow High School Cheerleaders-Camp Mack
Aug 14th-Lake Astor-Xtreme Bass Series-Midway Marine
Aug 14th-Lake Okeechobee-Xtreme Bass Series-Roland Martin Marina
Aug 14th-Lake Reedy-Fishing Misfits-ramp na
Aug 14th-Lake Rousseau-Xtreme Bass Series-Dunnellon
Aug 14th-Lake Seminole-Seminole Bassmasters-Seminole Lodge
Aug 14th-Lake Toho-Bay Area Bassmasters-Southport
Aug 14th-Lake Toho-West Coast Couples-Southport
Aug 14th-Rodman/St Johns-ABA Div. Champ-Kenwood Palatka
Aug 15th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme One-Man Series-Camp Mack
Aug 15th-Lake Istogpoga-Lakeland Bassmasters-Istogpoga Park
Aug 15th-Lake Okeechobee-Royal Palm Bassmasters-Belle Glade
Aug 15th-Lake Yale-Lake Mary Bassmasters-Marsh Park Ramp
Aug 15th-Rodman/St Johns-ABA Div. Champ-Kenwood Palatka
Aug 15th-Sawgrass (kids tourn)-Big Reel Bassmasters of Margate-Rec area
Aug 17th-Lake Tarpon-Tues Night Tournament 6pm-Anderson Park
Aug 21st-Apalachicola-Tallahasee Bass Anglers-Bay City Lodge
Aug 21st-Crooked Lake-Xtreme Bass Series- Bob's Landing
Aug 21st-East Toho-Indian River Bass Anglers-ramp na
Aug 21st-Harris Chain-South Pasco Bassmasters-Buzzard Beach
Aug 21st-Kissimmee Chain-Keep Polk Beautiful-Camp Mack
Aug 21st-Lake Conway-Central Fl Bass Club-
Aug 21st-Lake Jackson-Super Summer Night Tournament-Sunset Landing
Aug 21st-Lake Okeechobee-East Coast Bass Anglers-Scott Driver Park
Aug 21st-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Silver Div.-Clewiston
Aug 21st-Lake Seminole-Big Bend Bass Club-Wingates
Aug 21st-Lake Tarpon-Xtreme Bass Series-Anderson Park
Aug 21st-Lake Toho-South Lake Bass Anglers-Lakefront Park (City)
Aug 21st-Santa Fe-St Johns Bass Anglers-ramp na
Aug 21st-Suwannee River-Xtreme Bass Series-Hinton Landing
Aug 21st-Winter Haven Chain-PBA-Lake Summit
Aug 21st-Winter Haven Chain-Mid Florida Bass Challenge-Lake Shipp FREE!
Aug 22nd-Apalachicola-Tallahasee Bass Anglers-Bay City Lodge
Aug 22nd-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme Bass Series-Camp Mack
Aug 22nd-Lake Clinch-Lake Wales Po Boys-City Ramp
Aug 22nd-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Superbucks Div.-Clewiston
Aug 22nd-Lake Reedy-Mulberry Open-ramp na
Aug 22nd-Lake Seminole-C & S-Wingate's
Aug 22nd-MM41-Bass N Fools-ramp na
Aug 22nd-Santa Fe-St johns Bass Anglers-ramp na
Aug 22nd-Sawgrass-Big Reel Bassmasters of Margate-rec area
Aug 22nd-Winter Haven Chain-Bobber's Discount Tackle-Lake Summitt
Aug 24th-Lake Tarpon-Tues Night Tournament 6pm-Anderson Park
Aug 28th-Alligator Chain-VSB Trail-Trout Lake Ramp
Aug 28th-Deerpoint Lake-Deerpoint Lake Trail-Highpoint Landing
Aug 28th-Harris Chain-Crackerboys-Hickory Point
Aug 28th-June in Winter-Outcasts Bass Club-Bishop Park Ramp
Aug 28th-Kissimmee Chain-Federation Nation-Camp Mack
Aug 28th-Lake Arriana-Castaways-City Park
Aug 28th-Lake Jackson-Talquin Hookers-Sunset Landing
Aug 28th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Superbucks Div.-Clewiston
Aug 28th-Lake Osborne-Xtreme Bass Series-John Prince Park
Aug 28th-Lake Rousseau-West Hernando Bass Club Open-Inglis Dam Ramp
Aug 28th-Lake Talquin-Xtreme Bass Series-Ingrams Marina
Aug 28th-Lake Toho-Xtreme Bass Series-City Ramp
Aug 28th-Orange Lake-First Coast Christian-ramp na
Aug 28th-St Johns River-Bass Capital Bassmasters Juniors-Welatka
Aug 28th-Walk-in Water-St Pete Pro Bass-County ramp
Aug 29-East Toho-Winter Haven Lunker Lovers-East Lake Fish Camp
Aug 29th-Lake Istogpoga-Xtreme Bass Series-Hwy 98 ramp
Aug 29th-Lake Okeechobee-Bass Busters Superbucks Div.-Clewiston
Aug 29th-Kissimmee Chain-Accent Marine-Camp Mack
Aug 29th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme One Man Champ.-Camp Mack (day 1)
Aug 30th-Kissimmee Chain-Xtreme One Man Champ.-Camp Mack (day 2)
Aug 31st-Lake Tarpon-Tues Night Tournament 6pm-Anderson Park